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Precision non-traditional direct marketing using any one of our
400+ premier magazine partners generates powerful results.
Elevate your brand and get your customized messaging delivered
via precision hyper-targeting and robust co-branded content.

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What is
Cover Wrap

The cover wrap mechanism places your company’s ‘brochure’ around a well-known and well-respected premier content partner and, creates an engaging brand experience for your most vital targets. Our hyper-targeted solutions deliver call-to-action options via a series of ongoing touch points, only reaching the exact targets most vital to your brand.


100% Reach

Utilizing your database, and/or one we build for you, our precision targeting delivers zero wasted dollars, and near-perfect 100% reach of your exact targets.


90%+ Awareness

Engaging co-branded front cover design, combined with multi-page creative, delivers engaging messaging to your most vital and important target audiences.

80%+ Readership

Co-branded content PLUS, compelling front cover wrap creative design, fosters highly reliable and deeply engaged readership and strong call-to-action stats.


50%+ Call-to-Action Response Rate

Precision hyper-targeted touch points, aligned with one of our 400+ premier content partners, delivers dramatic marketing ROI and, it’s an effective mechanism to engage your most vital targets for lead generation and, to build reliable customer loyalty and sales.

Why It Works

Cover wraps cut the clutter of digital overwhelm and deliver direct messaging with robust and valuable billboard impact. The effect of bold co-branded content, plus ongoing multi-page touch points, creates a receptive engagement each time it’s delivered to your most vital target’s office or home.
Staying visibly in front of your most valued customers is what cultivates critical relationships. Our campaigns will predispose your targets to take action, and to be receptive to your sales efforts. High-impact print plus digital, deployed in tandem, results in the greatest impact and most efficient investment.

Magazine Cover Wrap Marketing for Physician’s Waiting Room Targets

When targeting any POC audiences, magazine cover wrap marketing campaigns are a proven solution that attaches your ‘cover wrap’ advertising around any of our well-known national magazines, and delivers these to exact waiting rooms matched to your physician network. Choose from 50 physician networks, or we’ll build a network to match your exact filters.

+110 Pre-Built Networks

Any network can be chosen as exclusive (in total or partial), in any smaller configuration of geo-demo parameters, to reach any exact target audience and, literally, on a name-by-name basis. Let’s discuss your exact targeting.

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Compliance Guaranteed

Clients choose from our large selection of 400+ well-respected magazines to target any exact POC physicians. Our POC campaigns are 100% compliant to deliver educational info, and adhering to all requirements of the Sunshine Act legislation, and magazine’s AAM audit.

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Target by Physician Type

We offer the flexibility of choosing an entire network, and grant network exclusivity, or choose any component of a network for your exact market footprint, in any combination of geo/demo and physician-type filters to align the most efficient campaign and yet, not sacrificing service to meet budgetary in-market goals.

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Proven ROI

POC magazine cover wrap marketing campaigns are engaged for a broad range of patient targets via in-office physician waiting rooms to engage consumers for Pharma Rx, DTC, hospitals and other health-related issues for patient education.

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Options & Helpful Details for Campaign Activation Planning


We work with you, we develop a database of customers and/or prospects matched to your exact parameters and then, you select any one of our 400+ magazine partners to co-brand your message.


Each campaign launches with a personal announcement from your company to each of your recipients. As a result, they’re receptive to your gesture and the impact delivers a powerful and positive response.


No need to produce new creative, simply repurpose existing content in a cover wrap format and we handle all details, including printing, binding, and content distribution in 4-page, 6-page or any custom design.


Extend the reach of your cover wrap campaign to your target online with a digital component that amplifies your message and increases your branded exposure and targeted call-to-action.


Campaigns are placed in-market for 12, 6 or 3 months (or any custom timeframe). You’ll also receive a custom response survey (with analytics) to measure target impact and to share in your internal marketing reports – added to your own internal analytics.
Our Clients Return to Us Repeatedly

Client Testimonials

When client retention is 70% annually, and 90% for client-life, we know our clients are achieving results. Simple solutions PLUS adept results equals profound engagement that our client/agency partners rely upon – over and over again.

VP, Marketing Manager


We target meeting & convention planners, and we love working with Audience Innovation.  They are on top of things, deliver impeccable service, attention to detail, and their campaigns are always tailored to our exact needs without extra expenses.

We’ve already started our campaign this year, and we always include Audience Innovation cover wraps.

We’re very pleased with the positive response we receive from corporate customers. This marketing tool continuously builds existing sales relationships with consistent on-going messages and well-respected content like Fast Company.

Chief Marketing Officer


SVP, Marketing Director


I’ve worked with Paul Kostial for nearly 20 years. He’s delightful, responsive, resourceful and highly-focused. Paul has assembled a team of experts who consistently deliver impressive campaign results.

My experience has proven that Audience Innovation delivers expert and robust marketing tools for clients to engage their most vital B2B and trade targets, and assisting our sales team’s most vital assets.

June 8, 2015

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July 22, 2015

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