20 Examples of Hyper-Targeting Precision

Targeting, Literally
Name-by-Name Exact …

We first cultivate, working with your database, and/or build your database, for effective precision targeting.

What about a residential real estate developer who only wanted affluent HH’s in 11 Dallas zips, with HHI $1MM+ and kids-in-household in private schools?

Or, a B2B-targeted F500 tech client who chose 2,600 companies – we located 3+ execs at each company.

116 Targeting Examples with Exact Counts





Enterprise Technology
2,600 Exact Prospect Companies, Targeted 3-5 IT Executive Titles at Each Client-Selected Company


Attorneys, Large Litigation

Meeting & Convention Planners & Tour Operators

Human Resources Managers

Trade Buyers

Foodservice Executives

Insurance Executives, Brokers, Agents & Industry Leaders

City Government Leaders

Banking Officers & Regional Bank Presidents Nationwide

Private Golf Course Managers, Course Managers & Tour Pros

Contractors, Dealers, Agents, Distributors/Channel Partners

ASAE – Members of the American Society of Association Executives

Hospital CXO’s & Execs
Benefit & Risk Managers

Industry Risk Brokers

Trade Show Executives

Logistics & Shipping Managers for Large Port Authorities

Hospital Executives, 300+ Beds

Small Business Owners

Wealth Management Advisors

Real Estate Agents & Brokers

Banking C-Suite & Executives
Nation’s Top 25,000 CXO Execs

Relocation, Corporate Housing & Local Apartment Managers

Farmers, Horse Farm Owners, Gardening Center Managers & Construction Superintendents

CPA’s & Financial Advisors
Investors & Investor Relations

Automotive Dealer Executives
Automotive Fleet Sales Buyers
Automotive Regional Dealers

10,867 Acupuncturists

5,918 Allergists

2,966 Anesthesiologists

1,454 Cancer Support Groups

12,725 Cardiologists

38,219 Chiropractors

23,522 Walk-In Clinics

8,084 Dermatologists

5,828 Ear Nose & Throat

2,872 Emergency Medicine

4,022 Endocrinologists

7.622 Gastroenterologists

2,723 General Practitioners

2,893 Hematolgists

22,572 Internal Medicine

1,505 Laser Vision Surgeons

3,614 Nephrologists

7,958 Neurologists

4,173 Nutritionists

20,933 Ob/Gyn Physicians

6,654 Oncologists

12,690 Opthamologists

24,335 Optomotrists

11,420 Orthopedics

19,318 Osteopathogists

27,976 Pediatricians

34,590 Physical Therapists

8,691 Podiatrists

88,919 Primary Care Physicians

14,336 Psychiatrists

11,998 Psychologists

4,197 Pulmonologists

6,587 Radiologists

2,648 Rheumatologists

5,610 Sports Medicine

12,699 General Surgeons

5,908 Urologists

Texas Real Estate Sales with Opening Year Revenue Focus
1,276 Affluent HH’s, 11 Zip Codes, HHI $1MM+, Kids/Private Schools

Luxury Fashion Brands with Multiple Retail Showrooms
9,524 Affluent Households in 17 Key Markets w/Retail Showrooms

Automotive Manufacturer of Ultra High-End Vehicle Types
9,756 Select Buyers of Luxury Vehicles in Selected Markets

Luxury Retirement Community Launching New Resident Sales
5,600 Households 50+, $3MM Net Worth, in 37 Selected Zip Codes

High-End Furniture & Home Textiles USA Manufacturer
6,523 Affluent HH’s w/New Home Purchases During Last 6 Months

Luxury Spa & Resort with Primary Feeder Markets
12,534 Select Affluent Females Known to Frequent Spas/Resorts

High-End Home Furnishings Retailer, Online Sales Focus
24,323 Buyers of Luxury Furniture for New Homes Last 3 Years

Global Luxury Hotel & Resort Brand, Driving Weeklong Stays
6,562 Affluent HH’s w/Propensity to Travel with Luxury Brand Names

Golf Club Manufacturer Targeting Affluent Males
11,188 Frequent Male 55+ Golfers, Chosen per Geo/Demo Filters

International Time Share Brand for Platinum HH’s
6,771 50+ Affluent Households Known to Travel Internationally

Solar Manufacturer Targeting Affluent Zip Codes Nationwide
22,312 Affluent HH’s Based on Home Value $2MM+ in Select Zips

Private Shared Jets Targeting Frequently 1st Class Travelers
5,670 Affluent Travelers Who’ve Leased Private Jets in Recent Past

Luxury Mens Watches & Jewelry Targeting Females
13,422 Affluent Women w/Luxury Jewelry Charged to Credit Cards

 3,287 Day Spas & Salons

 35,297 Barber Shops

 14,707 Coffee Shops & Bistros

   2,181 Country Clubs

   4,924 Dance Studios

   1,272 Gymnastic Centers

 17,385 Travel Agents

   3,694 Motorcycle Dealers

 14,630 Tire & Service Shops

   2,542 Ford Dealerships

   9,575 Fire Stations & Houses

125,753 Hair Salons

   8,742 Interior Designers

   9,044 Lube & Transmission

 17,198 Fitness Centers

   2,052 Bed & Breakfast Lodges

 19,352 Veterinarians

   2,794 Private Golf Courses

   3,431 General Hospitals

   2,568 RV Dealers

   1,405 Cardiac Rehab Centers

   2,541 Nutrition Centers

   1,845 Motorcycle Repair Shops

   2,005 Buick Dealers

   3,342 Car Stereo Install Shops

   1,867 Chrysler Dealers

   1,137 Gun Shops & Ranges

   1,227 Gymnastics Centers

   3,534 Tattoo Parlors

   1,544 Boat Dealers

 87,007 Dentist’s Offices

 10,083 Orthodontist’s Offices

   3,529 Realtor’s Offices

 12,543 Hispanic Hair Salons

   2,411 Stereo Equipment Stores

   1,208 Marriage Counselors
   4,536 Marriage Therapists

 43,667 Auto Repair Shops