Every campaign includes a custom ‘announcement’ to let your targets know of the client’s forthcoming magazine subscription. It’s both a warming touch point, and serves opt-out needs for compliance.

You have a number options for announcement that include first-class mailed business letters, special two-sided cards, and other options of any design and impact, including a video unit mailed to each recipient as well.
Most of our location-based campaigns use a first-class card, as in this example, two-sided, 4-color, and variable printed.

Campaign Announcement
& Recipient Survey Details

We offer many options for your announcement, or for added additional touch points during your campaign duration, including:  a first-class business letter or mailed card, or … if you’d like something extra special, use our NFC technology to create a custom ‘tap technology’ gift-card, or a video folder display as your announcement.  Ask us for details, and we’ll share all options based on your objectives.


Each campaign also includes a custom-survey mailed to each recipient, asking for feedback. We have lots of options, and happy to share, when you have questions.

Many clients use the survey to query feedback that cultivates their marketing plans with the specific target audience, not only about their cover wrap campaign, but cultivating future interest/s.

We’ll assist all details here, either Q’s pre-campaign or, address response survey as soon as your campaign is cultivated and start-up steps are complete, and response measures are priority.

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